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Your online marketing resource centre

Marcom Connect is a membership-based company providing research, advice, tools and templates to small-medium businesses & marketing professionals. Our researchers compile the top 1% of the information available on the Internet and make it available to all our members, in order to save them time and money.

We combine both actionable insight and relevant research concerning your Marketing needs in a way that eliminates all the fluff and biased information available otherwise. Since we opened the doors of the business in 2010, we have worked with everyone from small one-person companies to medium-sized businesses and beyond. We understand the value of tactical, hands-on information that drives your business forward and does not consume your valuable time.

Being your online, marketing based resource centre will help you with:
  • Spending your marketing budget smarter
  • Improving your core marketing functions
  • Getting you to a decision faster on any initiative
  • Validating & improving upon strategy and decision making
  • Mitigating risk and making better decisions
  • Providing insight on topics otherwise outsourced
  • Refining marketing initiatives
  • Being your marketing resource